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World History Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

What Ohio city was the 1995 Bosnian peace accord signed in?
A: Dayton.

What Persian Gulf warrior called his young majors in charge of combat operations "Jedi Knights"?
A: Norman Schwarzkopf.

What horse-loving future president cheated on an eye exam to join the cavalry reserves in the 1930s?
A: Ronald Reagan.

What president opined: "Once you get into this great stream of history you can't get out"?
A: Richard Nixon.

What name has been shared by the most popes?
A: John.


What leader ruled an area that stretched from the North Sea to central Italy at the onset of the ninth century?
A: Charlemagne.

What did Hirohito refer to as a "tragic interlude," during a 1975 U.S. visit?
A: World War II.

What nationality was Gavrilo Princip, who set off World War I by assassinating Archduke Ferdinand?
A: Serbian.

What 17th century English Lord Protector's severed head was finally buried after 300 years?
A: Oliver Cromwell's.

What country did the U.S. invade in 1989 in what George Will dubbed "an act of hemispheric hygiene"?
A: Panama.

What U.S. state did Russian nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky threaten to reclaim, in 1995?
A: Alaska.


What 1964 coin did many Americans tend to save rather than spend?
A: The Kennedy half-dollar.

What British prime minister shared breakfast in bed with a parrot named Toby?
A: Winston Churchill.

What war was raging when isolationists adopted the motto "America first"?
A: World War I.

Who did Henry VIII have beheaded for witchcraft and adultery, along with her wolfhound?
A: Anne Boleyn.

What airline started out as the first crop-dusting outfit to battle boll weevils?
A: Delta Airlines.


Who wrote a 35,000-word manifesto the New York Times and Washington Post published on September 18, 1995?
A: The Unabomber.

What civil rights leader was near death after being stabbed in Harlem with a seven-inch letter opener in 1958?
A: Martin Luther King Jr.

What future saint was originally taken to Ireland as a slave in 405 A.D.?
A: St. Patrick.

What Nantucket shipwreck killed more divers exploring it than the 52 people it sank with?
A: The Andrea Doria.

What do an average of 20 people do each year while staring at a Goodyear blimp?
A: Shoot at it.

Who was the first U.N. secretary general to have both African and Arab roots?

A: Boutros Boutros-Ghali.

Who did former communist Aleksander Kwasniewski defeat in a 1995 Eastern European presidential election?
A: Lech Walesa.

Who told the House Un-American Activities Committee that communist cartoonists might be using Mickey Mouse to spread propaganda?
A: Walt Disney.

Who wore a suit instead of his usual military fatigues to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the U.N.?
A: Fidel Castro.

What president's mug graces a $100,000 bill?
A: Woodrow Wilson's.

What nation started giving gas masks to its citizens before the Persian Gulf War?
A: Israel.

What political movement got its name from the hill in Jerusalem boasting the Temple of Solomon?
A: Zionism.

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