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Trivia Questions About International Places

Free trivia quiz questions about interesting places.


International Trivia Questions About Places

What winter celebration calls for lighting red, green and black candles in the Kinara?
A: Kwanza.

What's Latvia's largest minority ethnic group?
A: Russians.

What country sends the highest percentage of 15- and 16-year-olds to the altar?
A: The U.S.

How many expressways did China's drivers have to choose from, in 1992?
A: Zero.

What southern city is famous for its "Beale Street Blues"?
A: Memphis.

What's the only U.S. state that serves all of its residents with water systems that have violated the Safe Drinking Water Act?
A: New Jersey.


What British Commonwealth nation has the most people driving on the right side of the road?
A: Canada.

What two African rivers did Henry Stanley prove were not connected?
A: The Congo and the Nile.

What infamous Beijing square has a name that ironically means "Gate of Heavenly Peace"?
A: Tiananmen Square.

How are you traveling in Africa if you've rented a rakumi?
A: By camel.

Which of the Great Lakes does not lap Canadian shores?
A: Lake Michigan.

What's the third-largest continent in square miles?
A: North America.


What European country uses its Latin name, Helvetia, on its stamps.
A:  Switzerland.

What East African country's annual four percent population growth rate is the world's highest?
A: Kenya's.

What town name did Missouri's postmaster come up with when residents asked for something "sort of peculiar"?
A: Peculiar.

What South American country elected as its president Alberto Fujimori, the son of Japanese immigrants, in 1990?
A: Peru.

What U.S. state had the first 7-Eleven stores?
A: Texas.

What sea laps the shores of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan?
A: The Aral Sea.


What Central American country has its capital in Tegucigalpa?
A: Honduras.

What country calls its expressways autostrada?
A: Italy.

What Great Plains state are you stuck in if you're out of gas in Gas?
A : Kansas.

What African country is serviced by Jan Smuts International Airport?
A :South Africa.

What Arizona city was so named because it rose from the ruins of a Native American town?
A: Phoenix.

How may years did Britain lease Hong Kong for?
A: Ninety-nine.


What country boasts the towns of Barnstaple, Fishguard and Holyhead?
A: Britain.

What U.S. state grabs the most money from domestic tourists, double that of Hawaii?
A: Nevada.

What eastern European country's name is a Slavonic word meaning "plain dwellers"?
A: Poland's.

What fish is called "finnan haddie" when smoked in Scotland?
A: Haddock.

What Southeast Asian city did the U.S. open an embassy in, in 1995?
A: Hanoi.

What mountains are home to the entertainment world's Borscht Belt?
A: The Catskills.