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Pamela Anderson Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Trivia quiz questions with answers about Pamela Anderson.


Pamela Anderson Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

What is Pamela Anderson's birth name?
A: Pamela Denise Anderson.

On what date was Pamela Anderson born?
A: July 1, 1967.

What film that starred Pamela Anderson, won the Bronze Award at the Worldfest-Charleston in the category for dramatic theatrical films?
A: Good Cop, Bad Cop.

In the year 2003, Pamela stripped down for what PETA advertising campaign?
A: I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur".

Where was Pamela born?
A: Anderson was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia.

In April 1997, Pamela guest-hosted what TV comedy show?
A:  Saturday Night Live.

Who was Pamela's father?
A: Barry, a furnace repairman.


Pam Anderson appeared on The Nanny as who?
A:  Fran's rival, Heather Biblow.

What music video did Pamela appear in 1993?
A:  "Can't Have Your Cake" by Vince Neil.

Who was Pamela Anderson's mother?
A: Carol Anderson, a waitress.

Anderson was the Canada's "Centennial Baby", having been the first baby born on July 1, 1967, what anniversary of Canada's official founding via the Constitution Act?
A: 100th.

What type of abuse did Anderson frequently suffer as a child?
A: Sexual abuse.

In 1998, Pamela starred as who in the Sony Pictures Entertainment syndicated show V.I.P.?
A: Vallery Irons.

Pamela was a contestant on which season of the TV show "Dancing with the Stars"?
A: The tenth.


What role did Pamela play between 1992 and 1998?
A: . C. J. Parker  on Baywatch.

Pamela appeared as the cover girl on what issue of Playboy magazine?
A: The October 1989 issue.

Where did Pamela decide to live to pursue a modeling career?
A: In Los Angeles.

When did Pamela Anderson became a naturalized citizen of the United States?
A: On May 12, 2004.

Playboy magazine chose her as Playmate of the Month in what issue?
A: February 1990.

Pam's second book, Star Struck, was  released in what year?
A: 2005.

Pamela has appeared on more covers of what men's magazine than anyone else?
A: Playboy.


What did Pamela Anderson write in the Playboy coffee table book "Playboy's Greatest Covers"?
A: The foreword.

After moving to Los Angeles, Pamela got a small part as the original "Tool Time girl" on what hit TV sitcom?
A:  Home Improvement.

Anderson left Home Improvement after two seasons and won the role of C. J. Parker on what hit TV show?
A: Baywatch.

Pamela Anderson was cast in her first starring movie role in the film "Raw Justice", also known as what?
A: Good Cop, Bad Cop.

How long did Pamela Anderson know Tommy Lee  before getting married to him?
A: For 96 hours.

In what 1996 movie did Anderson appear in playing Barbara Rose Kopetski?
A: Barb Wire.

In 1999, Pamela appeared as a "what" in the music video for "Miserable" by California alternative rock band Lit?
A: Man-eating giantess.


In early 2004, Anderson returned to the spotlight appearing naked on the cover of what magazine?
A: Playboy.

In 2004, Anderson released what book, co-written by Eric Shaw Quinn?
A: Star.

In March 2006, it was announced that Pamela would receive a star on what?
A: Canada's Walk of Fame.

Where did Pamela Anderson perform on February 13–14, 2008 in a Valentine's Day striptease act?
A: At the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris.

On July 9, 2008, Pamela entered the Australian Big Brother house for a what?
A: Three-day visit.

As a member of PETA, Pamela has been against the use of what?
A: Fur.

Pamela posed naked with other protesters on a window display of the Stella McCartney boutique in London, England on what date?
A: On June 28, 2006.


Pamela Anderson has campaigned against the hunting of what in Canada?
A: Seals.

Pamela wrote an open letter to whom urging the legalization of cannabis?
A: President Barack Obama.

When did Pamela marry Tommy Lee, the drummer of Mötley Crüe?
A: On February 19, 1995.

How did Pamela's mother find out about the marriage?
A: From People magazine.

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