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Q: What racket sport can be played with four balls of differing bouncing qualities?
A:  Squash.

Q: What brilliant name did the Texas Rangers choose for their ballpark?
A: The Ballpark.

Q: What are sportsmen hoping to find in a creel?
A: Fish.

Q: Who wore shoes labeled "Air Uta" during her 1995 Boston Marathon victory?
A:  Uta Pippig.

Q: Who usually finished last in Edmonton Oilers strength tests, in the 1980s?
A: Wayne Gretzky.

Q: What pro athlete is nicknamed "The Dream"?
A: Hakeem Olajuwon.


Q: What Giant's bone-crushing 1985 tackle ended Joe Theismann's career?
A: Lawrence Taylor's.

Q: What sport features strikers and sweepers?
A: Soccer.

Q:  What Mariner's 15 homers in May of 1994 were more than the entire Montreal Expos team managed?
A: Ken Griffey Jr.'s.

Q: How many of the five boroughs does the New York City marathon run through?
A: Five. 

Q:  What new pitch helped Carl Hubbell win 24 straight games in the 1930s?
A: The Screwball. 

Q:  How many holes are in the original Wiffle ball?
A: Eight. 


Q: What sport accounted for five of the top ten highest grossing sports movies, through 1994?
A: Boxing

Q: What pro sport tries to break ties with a sudden-death overtime period of five minutes?
A: Hockey.

Q: What do you call the stick you use to push a shuffleboard disc?
A: A cue.

Q: What state is allowed to compete separately from the U.S. at international surfing meets.?
A: Hawaii.

Q:  What name did the athletic teams go by at Jack Nicklaus' high school?
A:  The Golden Bears.

Q: Who was the first African-American to win the U.S. and world figure skating singles titles?
A: Debi Thomas.


Q: What U.S. track star did French writers dub La gazelle in 1960?
A: Wilma Rudoph.

Q: What racket sport involves bashing a bird?
A: Badminton. 

Q: How many of every ten pro athletes in the U.S. are African - American?
A:  One.

Q:  What sport features such plays as the flare, fly, buttonhook and post?
A: Football

Q:  What Celtics announcer found he could hear much better after a doctor discovered a radio ear plug in his ear?
A:   Johnny Most.


Q: What team sport was 1995's fastest-growing sport in the U.S., up 43 percent since 1994?
A: Roller Hockey.

Q: What nation's Black Magic I sailed away with a five-zero America's Cup win in 1995?
A:  New Zealand's

Q: What team has the highest Stanley Cup playoff winning percentage?
A: The Edmonton Oilers. 




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