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Free fun sports trivia quiz questions and answers.


Fun Sports Trivia Questions and Answers

Q: What golfer made a comeback from chemotherapy and radiation treatment for lymphoma in 1994?
A:  Paul Azinger.

Q: Who was the last person to win back to back World Series of Poker Tournament?
A: Johnny Chan.

Q: What golfer beat Porky Oliver at the 1946 PGA Championship to win his first major?
A: Ben Hogan.

Q: What multi-nicknamed Yankees great suggested he be called "The Idol of the American Boy"?
A: Babe Ruth.

Q: What two-time All-Big-Eight defensive back at Colorado won three U.S. Open golf titles?
A: Hale Irwin.

Q: Who topped the PGA Tour in earnings for five years in the 1970s?

A: Jack Nicklaus

Q: What golf tourney banned sportscaster Gary McCord for calling course bumps "body bags" and suggesting "bikini wax" sped the greens?
A: The Masters.

Q: What dreaded golf shot occurs when the ball is hit with the hosel of the club?
A: A Shank.

Q: What decade saw names first appear on the backs of NFL jerseys?
A: The 1960s.

Q:  What Pro Football Hall of Famer was the first to get a second bust in the Hall, for broadcasting?
A: Frank Gifford.

Q: What three 49ers have earned Super Bowl MVP honors, through 1996?
A:  Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young.

Q:  What Brooklyn Dodgers great got his nick name for what he called his shooter when playing marbles as a child?
A:  "Pee Wee" Reese.


Q:  What sport was popularized by Olympic swimmer Duke Kahanamoku?
A:  Surfing

Q: What NBA star refuses to have the hot water turned on at his Chicago home because he rarely takes showers there?
A:  Dennis Rodman.

Q: What's an NBA player deemed to be if he's received the Maurice Podoloff Trophy?
A: The Most Valuable Player.

Q: What's the most common nickname for a major league baseball pitcher?
A: "Lefty".

Q: Who was the NBA Coach of the Year trophy named after?
A: Red Auerbach.

Q:  What's the last name of NFL All Pro brothers Shannon and Sterling?
A: Sharpe.


Q: Who is the only tennis player to have won each of the four grand slam events at least four times?
A: Steffi Graf.

Q: What position must college footballers play to receive the Davey O'Brien Award?
A:  Quarterback.

Q: What NBA team charges $600 for a floor seal at a regular season game?
A: The Los Angeles Lakers.

Q: What's the fastest engine-powered sport?
A: Airplane racing. 

Q:  What heavyweight was Tony "Two Ton" Galento referring to when he said in 1939:"I'll molder de bum"?
A:  Joe Luis.

Q:  What Oakland Athletic hit the longest homer in Cumiskey Park history, and followed it the next day with one twenty feet longer?

A: Mark McGwire. 

Q: Who coached the Detroit Red Wings to 62 wins in 1995-96, breaking Scotty Bowman's mark of 60 with Montréal in 1976-77?
A:  Scotty Bowman.

Q: What team ended 54 years of frustration by winning the Stanley Cup in 1994?
A: The New York Rangers. 

Q: What Alabama-born football and baseball star was named after the actor who played Dr. Ben Casey on TV?
A:  Vince Edward "Bo" Jackson.