Sports Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Long free sports trivia quiz questions.


Sports Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Where did Johnny Miller win his first Major?
A: Oakmont, Pennsylvania.

At which venue did Tony Jacklin win the US Open?
A: Hazeltine, Minnesota.

Which football team did Jim Brown join in 1957?
A: Cleveland Browns.

In which decade did Bonnie Blair set her first world record?
A: 1980s.

In which country was Wayne Gretzky born?
A: Canada.

Who set a record fro most NBA points in a season in 1961-62?
A: Wilt Chamberlain.

Who was MVP in the first-ever Super Bowl?
A: Bart Starr.


How many members joined the original International Amateur Athletic Federation?
A: 17.

Which team did Wayne Gretzky join in 1988?
A: Los Angeles Kings.

Sergey Bubka has broken the world record on over 30 occasions in which event?
A: Pole Vault.

Which position did Jim Brown play?
A: Fullback.

Which Jimmy was tennis No 1 for five years in the 70s?
A: Connors.

Which team in the 80s won the Super Bowl by the biggest margin?
A: Chicago Bears.

Who was Czechoslovakia's only Wimbledon Men's Singles winner of the 20th century, playing as a Czech?
A: Jan Kodes.


The Ali v Foreman fight of 1974 was outside which city?
A: Kinshasa.

In what year was Larry Bird first named NBA's MVP?
A: 1984.

Who was the first British man to be British and UL Open champion at the same time?
A: Tony Jacklin.

In which 20th-century decade did professional players make up a dream team in the Olympic Games in basketball?
A: 1990s.

Who was Jermaine O'Neal playing against when he made his debut in 1996?
A: Denver Nuggets.

Who was Mike Tyson's manager in the late 1980s?
A: Bill Cayton.

Which country did 70s French Open women's singles winner "Virginia Rusici come from?
A: Romania.


What are the first names of the Williams sisters?
A: Venus and Serena.

Where in 1912 did Jim Thorpe win Olympic gold in the pentathlon and the decathlon?
A: Stockholm, Sweden.

Which country does tennis player Pat Rafter come from?
A: Australia.

Whose home runs record did Mark McGwire beak in the 1998 season?
A: Roger Maris.

Which country won most medals in the last 20th century winter Olympics?
A: Germany.

Which newspaper owner bought the Boston Red Sox in 1910?
A: John Taylor.

In what year were the Dallas Cowboys founded?
A: 1960.


In basketball, which Red was coach of the year in 1965?
A: Red Auerbach.

What is Denise Lewis's main athletic event?
A: Heptathlon.

In the 1978 US Masters, who was leading Gary Player be seven strokes only to lose by a single stroke?
A: Hubert Green.

What distance is the Breeders' Cup Classic?
A: One and a quarter miles.

Why does the leader of the Tour de France wear a yellow jersey?
A: Its sponsor printed its newspaper on yellow paper.

What was the team fee when the NFL was first formed?
A: $100.

In golf, who presents the green jacket to the US Masters winner?
A: Previous year's winner.


Walter Swinburne won his first English Derby on which great horse?
A: Shergar.

Which British golfer regained the US Masters in 1996?
A: Nick Faldo.

How many times did the New York Yankees win the World Series in the 1970s?
A: Twice.

In which league did Joe DiMaggio begin his playing career?
A: Pacific Coast League.

Where was the first Super Bowl of the 80s held?
A: Rose Bowl, Pasadena.

How old was Pete Sampras when he first won the US Open?
A: 19.

In hockey, what is the Ross Trophy awarded for?
A: Top points scorer.