Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers About Movies and Actors

Movie and actor trivia questions and answers


Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers About Movies and Actors

What star actor was a vacuum cleaner salesman before hitting it big as an actor?
A: Rock Hudson.

Michael Meyers wore a Halloween mask of what famous character in the movie Halloween, who was the famous character?
A: Captain Kirk.

Douglas Fairbanks wrote and starred in the1922 version of what story?
A: Robin Hood.

What was the only mother-daughter combination to be nominated for Oscars in the same movie?
A: Diane Ladd and Laura Dern in Rambling Rose.

Katherine Heigl played Steven Segal's teenage daughter in what movie?
A: Under Siege 2.

Actor William Mapother has a superstar brother, what is his name?
A: Tom Cruise.

Marilyn Monroe was voted sexiest woman of the 20th Century by what magazine?
A: People Magazine.


What did the actress Margaret O'Brien receive at the age of seven?
A: Honorary Academy Award.

Which talented actress won her Oscar for her role in Chicago?
A: Catherine Zeta-Jones.

In Die Another Day, what color is the famous bikini that Halle Berry wears?
A: Orange.

Rowan Atkinson plays a what in the movie "Four Weddings and a Funeral"?
A: Priest.

Who was the first movie actress to appear on a postage stamp?
A: Grace Kelly.

Lee Marvin won an Oscar for his dual portrayal of Kid Shelleen and Who?
A Tim Strawn.

Who was the female lead actress in the film "The Shootist"?
A: Lauren Bacall.


What actress did Humphrey Bogart marry in 1945?
A: Lauren Bacall.

In 2005 Jamie Foreman played the same role as Oliver Reed in 1968. What was the name of the character they played?
A: Bill Sikes.

Adam Sandler played a what in Big Daddy?
A: Tollbooth worker.

In The Thomas Crown Affair, what does Pierce Brosnan steal?
A: Paintings.

In Click, what does actor Adam Sandler discover that completely changes his life?
A: A remote control.

Travis Bickle was a character played by Robert de Niro in what film?
A: Taxi Driver.

In the film The Defiant Ones, what actor was Sidney Poitier chained to?
A: Tony Curtis.


Who played Mike and Pat in a 1952 movie?
A: Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.

What was the name of the character Leonardo DiCaprio plays in the film Titanic?
A: Jack Dawson.

In Bachelor Party, what is Tom Hanks' character's job?
A: School Bus Driver.

What did Haley Mills, Liza Minnelli and Diane Keaton all do in 1946?
A: That's the year they were all born.

Who is the father Oscar-winning of Angelina Jolie?
A: John Voight.

 In the late 1930's, what actress was voted Queen of Hollywood?
A: Myrna Loy.

How was George Clooney's film, Good Night and Good Luck, different from most films?
A: Shot in black and white.

What was the title of the movie made with Kenneth More and Joan Collins on a desert island?
A: Our Girl Friday.

What was the name of the movie in which silent comedian Harold Lloyd hangs from the hands of a high-up giant clock?
A: Safety Last.