Printable Free Fun Science Trivia Questions


What was the first planet to be discovered using the telescope, in 1781?
A: Uranus.

What V-word is defined as "the ability of a liquid to resist flowing".
A: Viscosity.

What unit of measure was originally designed to be one forty-millionth of the Earth's circumference?
A: The meter.

What's sometimes dubbed Biosphere I?
A: Earth.

What are "human incubation chambers" heated to before Gillette's odor judges test deodorants by smelling human armpits?
A: 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

What antidepressant is most often referred to by snide shrinks as "Slo Mo"?
A: Valium.

What gardeners' aid is identified by numbers indicating its percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium?
A: Fertilizer.

What facial features flank your glabella?
A: The eyebrows.

What organ of the body leads all others with 3,195 distinct genes?
A: The brain.

What Cool Whip ingredient outweighs all the others?
A: Water.

What does a kit-flying linonophobic fear?
A: String.

What's the common name for the eye inflammation doctors call conjunctivits?
A: Pink eye.

What country flew the first supersonic airliner in 1968 but saw it crash in 1973?
A: The Soviet Union.

What two-word term is defined as "the lowest possible temperature"?
A: Absolute zero.

What century did mathematicians first use plus and minus signs?
A: The sixteenth.

What handy mathematical instrument's days were numbered when the pocket calculator made the scene in the 1970s?
A: The slide rule's.

What boxcar-sized instrument was repaired by the crew of the shuttle Endeavor in 1993?
A: The Hubble telescope.

What name for a bone disease translates as "porous bone"?
A: Osteoporosis.

What earthenware ceramic was produced in ancient China from feldspar and china clay?
A: Porcelain.

What's the U.S. military acronym for liquid oxygen?

What's one-tenth of a bel?
A: A decibel.

What type of vessel was powered by a hand-cranked propeller when first used in combat in 1776?
A: A submarine.

What type of machine do the French call a telecopie?
A: A fax machine.

What unit of measure was once defined as the length of three grains of barley laid end to end?
A: The inch.

What are the two main constituents of bronze.
A: Copper and tin.

What Greek was the first physician to record case histories of patients?
A: Hippocrates.

What four planets have a smaller diameter than Earth?
A: Mars, Mercury, Pluto, Venus.

What word was coined when a trapped moth caused an early computer to crash?
A: Bug.

What technological revolution was credited with the large increase in paper use in the 1980s and 1990s?
A: The computer revolution.

What name for an automaton came from the Czech word meaning "forced labor"?
A: Robot.