Sports Trivia Quiz And Answers

Sports trivia quiz questions and answers


Fun Sports Trivia Questions

Which NBA side did Cheryl Miller's brother Reggie play for?
A: Indiana Pacers.

Which 30-plus player won his first golf Major at the 1998 US Masters?
A: Mark O'Meara.

What is the nickname of record-breaking sprinter Maurice Greene?
A: Kansas Cannonball.

Where were the last Olympics of the 20th century in the USA held?
A: Atlanta.

How many 20th century Olympics were held in Los Angeles?
A: Two.

Who came second when Donovan Bailey won 100m gold?
A: Frankie Fredericks.

What type of golfers compete for the Curtis Cup?
A: Women golfers.


How long was swimmer Michelle Smith-de Bruin banned for  attempting to manipulate a drugs test?
A: 4 years.

In basketball, where do the Suns come from?
A: Phoenix.

In what decade did Bill Shoemaker ride his first winner?
A: 1940s.

Which cartoon and film character is the nick name of super athlete Michael Johnson?
A: Superman.

Greg Norman is known as the Great White what?
A: Shark.

Which country did 70s star Lassie Virren come from?
A: Finland.

In which city is the US "Tennis Open held?
A: New York.


Who, back in 1920, was the first football player to be traded?
A: Bob Nash.

Which golfer was Europe's leading money winner of 1998?
A: Colin Montgomerie.

Who did Joe DiMaggio play for throughout his career?
A: New York Yankees.

In football, what do the letters NFL stand for?
A: National Football League.

The Davis Cup is competed for in which sport?
A: Tennis.

Who was ejected in the men's basketball final in 1972?
A: Dwight Jones  & Dvorn Edeshko.

Who was Joltin Joe?
A: Joe DiMaggio.


Which movie star was an Austrian Junior Olympic Weight lifting Champion?
A: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What sport is staged at Roland Garros?
A: Tennis.

Where was Larry Bird from -- which gave him his nickname?
A: French Lick, Indiana.

What is the nationality of athlete Donovan Bailey?
A: Canadian.

Where in Massachusetts is the oldest American marathon race?
A: Boston.

In which sport did Andre's dad Mike Agassi compete in the Olympics?
A: Boxing.

In basketball, where do the Wizards come from?
A: Washington.


Which team did Hakeem Olajuwon join in 1984?
A: Houston Rockets.

Which Major-winning British golfer split from his coach David Leadbetter in 1998?
A: Nick Faldo.

Peter Nichol became the first Brit in 25 years to win the British Open in which sport?
A: Squash.

In football, what position is WR?
A: Wide receiver.

Which springboard was invented in the USA in the 1930s?
A: Trampoline.

In which event did an individual first win four successive gold medals?
A: Discus.

How many players per team can be on the field for any play in the NFL?
A: 11.


The Hawaii Ironman Championships are in which sport?
A: Triathlon.

Which Mark was captain of the European 1999 Ryder cup team?
A: James.

Billy Crystal had a full college scholarship in which sport?
A: Baseball.

Which Jennifer won Olympic gold in tennis in 1992?
A: Capriati.

In baseball, when a team is pitching how many players do they have on the field?
A: Nine.

In which event did Michelle Smith de Bruin win bronze in 1996?
A: 200m butterfly.


Where does Sumo wrestling originate from?
A: Japan.

Which legendary American golfer played his last British Open in 1995?
A: Arnold Palmer.

Athlete Zola Budd was born in which country?
A: South Africa.

Which Spaniard won two US Masters in the 80s?
A: Seve Ballesteros.

In which decade did the Super Bowl begin?
A: 1960s.