Very Easy Trivia Questions With Answers

Very easy trivia quiz question with answers.


Very Easy Trivia Questions With Answers

In which 20th-century decade was Barbie's boyfriend Ken first made?
A: 60s.

In which decade was Madonna born?
A: 50s.

Which initials did rapper Hammer lose?
A: M C.

Who plays against the USA in golf's Walker Cup?
A: Great Britain.

Who had a huge 70s No 1 with Shadow Dancing?
A: Andy Gibb.

In Canada what is the NHL?
A: National Hockey League.

Marlon Brando was born in which decade of the century?
A: 20s.


Who did Elton John originally duet with on Don't Go Breaking My Heart?
A: Kiki Dee.

Martina Navratilova has been on the winning side in the Federation Cup for which two countries?
A: Czechoslovakia & USA.

The cause of what color fever was discovered in 1900?
A: Yellow.

Which actor is the dad of Jamie Lee Curtis?
A: Tony Curtis.

In football, where do the Chargers come from?
A: San Diego.

What does the F stand for in FBI?
A: Federal.

Tony Curtis was in which of the armed services in WWII?
A: Navy.


Which state is called the volunteer State?
A: Tennessee.

How did Greta Gustafson become better known as an actress?
A: Greta Garbo.

Albertville and Lillehammer were two 90s venues for which event?
A: Winter Olympics.

The US declared war on which country after the bombing of Pearl Harbor?
A: Japan.

Where do the Super Bowl winning Cowboys come form?
A: Dallas.

Kirk Douglas was in which  of the armed services in WWII?
A: Navy.

What sport is the winner of the Harry Vardon trophy playing?
A: Golf.


Which shoe company did Michael Jordan famously promote?
A: Nike.

Which musical instrument did Pablo Casals play?
A: Cello.

In horse racing, which triple Crown race is held on Long Island?
A: Belmont.

In which country was the AIDS virus first recognized?

Scott Hamilton won Olympic gold for the USA on what surface?
A: Ice.

How was Billie Jean Moffitt later known in the tennis world?
A: Billie Jean King.

Who won the Wimbledon singles in 1998 after twice losing in the final?
A: Jana Novotna.


In which decade did people last get the chance to see Halley's Comet?
A: 1980s.

Where does Greg Norman come from?
A: Australia.

In which Park was the New York marathon run until 1970?
A: Central Park.

The Walker Cup is competed for in which sport?
A: Golf.

In the charity AHA, what part of the body does H stand for?
A: Heart.

Brown-Eyed Handsome Man was a hit for which singer after his death?
A: Buddy Holly.

In which state did both Kennedy and Johnson die?
A: Texas.


The Fresh Prince of where was the subject of a sitcom of 140+ shows?
A: Bel Air.

Who is younger, Serena or Venus Williams?
A: Serena.

Which state is called the Golden state?
A: California.

What color is the M in McDonald's?
A: Yellow.

What was President Yeltsin's first name?
A: Boris.

In fiction, what is the last name of Dr. Hannibal--the Cannibal?
A: Lecter.


In which month does the Kentucky Derby take place?
A: May.

Rugby's man mountain Jonah Lomu plays for which country?
A: New Zealand.

Magician David Kotkin managed to change his name to what?
A; David Copperfield.

What is the postal abbreviation for Idaho?
A: ID.

San Antonio international airport is in which state?
A: Texas.

What is the Aloha State?
A: Hawaii.