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Easy Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers For Kids - Miscellaneous Random Topics

Easy miscellaneous Trivia quiz questions for kids including subjects like baseball, Capitals, famous people, rivers, US States, and more.


Easy Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers For Kids - Miscellaneous Random Topics

Which state is called the Treasure State?
A: Montana.

What is the postal abbreviation for Texas?
A: TX.

Which Joe was nicknamed the Yankee Clipper?
A: DiMaggio.

William Henry Gates III amassed his fortune from which source?
A: Computer Software.

In Peter Pan, what sort of animal was Nana?
A: Dog.

In basketball, where do the Supersonics come from?
A: Seattle.

Which state is called the Pine Tree State?
A: Maine.


What is the postal abbreviation for Pennsylvania?
A: PA.

What is California's state capital?
A: Sacramento.

What is Ohio's largest city?
A: Columbus.

Which state lies due east of Alabama?
A: Georgia.

What is the largest of the Southern states?
A: Georgia.

Which river starts at Lake Itasca Minnesota and flows into the Gulf of Mexico?
A: Mississippi.

What type of creature was the star of the film Jaws?
A: Shark.


What was the name of the mansion where Elvis Presley died?
A: Graceland.

In which country was a 2000 year old, life size terracotta army discovered?
A: China.

Which was the 50th state to become part of the United States of America?
A: Hawaii.

Which state is called the Great Lake State?
A: Michigan.

What was the first name of the first man in space?
A: Yuri.

Where in America was the world's biggest rock festival staged?
A: Woodstock.

What was the world's biggest passenger ship when it was launched in 1912?
A: Titanic.


What is the capital of the state of Alaska?
A: Juneau.

In football, where do the Redskins come from?
A: Washington.

What does the B stand for in SCUBA diving?
A: Breathing.

What color is an Oscar?
A: Gold.

Which state is called the Bear State?
A: Arkansas.

Who was the 41st President of the USA?
A: George H. Bush.

Which Texan Governor was traveling with the Kennedys when JFK was shot?
A: Connolly.


Who was the first American to walk in space?
A: Edward White.

Who was the first man to set foot on the moon?
A: Neil Armstrong.

Which brothers made the first powered plane flight?
A: Wright.

Which state is called the Panhandle State?
A: West Virginia.

What was Michael Jackson's album follow-up to Thriller?
A: Bad.

What is the capital of the state of Virginia?
A: Richmond.

In Forrest Gump, his mom says, "Life is like a box of " what?
A: Chocolates.


Why  was Mick Dundee nicknamed Crocodile?
A: He survived a crocodile attack.

Who became the first US President to resign in office?
A: Richard Nixon.

Where was the second Atom bomb dropped?
A: Nagasaki.

Who lost part of his ear to the teeth of Mike Tyson in 1997?
A: Evander Holyfield.

Where was a wall built to divide a city?
A: Berlin.

Which lake provides Chicago with 20 miles of lake shore?
A: Michigan.

What is Minneapolis's 'twin city'?
A: St. Paul.

Which part of Florida is famous for its alligators?
A: Everglades.

Which is the other northern Pacific state along with Washington?
A: Oregon.

What's the name of the bird that cartoon cat Sylvester chases in vain?
A: Tweety Pie.

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