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Places and Locations Trivia Quiz Questions

Free places and locations trivia quiz questions


Places and Locations Trivia Quiz Questions

What foreign company's Tennessee factory is the largest single auto plant in the U.S.?
A: Nissan's.

What Florida city's name translates to "mouth of the rat" because of it's toothy inlet?
A: Boca Raton's.

What Italian city had the Roman name Mediolanum?
A: Milan.

What New England state would be home if you laid down roots in Bald Head?
A: Maine.

What 4,588-mile dune-laden expanse did Choi Jong-yul say he walked across "because it was there"?
A: The Sahara Desert.

What country is bordered by Algeria, Niger, Chad, Egypt, Sudan and Tunisia?
A: Libya.

What Asian country boasts the largest Muslim population in the world?
A: Indonesia.

What academy is sometimes dubbed "Canoe U."?
A: The U.S. Naval Academy.

What U.S. state has an official commonwealth folk song written by resident Arlo Guthrie?
A: Massachusetts.

What island was Abel Tasman the first European to land on, in 1642?
A: Tasmania.

What African country's name is from the Latin for "free"?
A: Liberia's.

What republic is sandwiched between Lithuania and Estonia?
A: Latvia.

What's the only U.S. state to share a border with one of Canada's Maritime Provinces?
A: Maine.

What Central American nation flies a flag with one blue and one red star?
A: Panama.

What 1994 U.S. event was tagged pas le Big One by French journalists?
A: The Los Angeles earthquake.

What Australian geological wonder has an aboriginal name that means "great pebble"?
A: Ayers Rock.

Which of the seven wonders of the ancient world was demolished by an earthquake in 224 B.C.?
A: The Colossus of Rhodes.

What country is home to 21 percent of the world's people?
A: China.

What are painted bright yellow and left out for public use on the streets of Portland, Oregon?
A: Bicycles.

What southern city did Andrew Jackson name for one on the Nile River?
A: Memphis.

What city, founded in 1550 by Sweden's King Gustav Vasa, was first called Helsingfors?
A: Helsinki.

What country's auto identification letters are KWT?
A: Kuwait's.

What strife-torn African nation boasts a world high of 8.3 births per female?
A: Rwanda.

What Asian county's women's magazine Non Non is its bestseller?
A: Japan's.

What's the world's largest desert, as determined by the least precipitation?
A: The Antarctic.

What's a German sign reading "Rauchen verboten" telling you not to do?
A: Smoke.

What U.S. state boasts a difference of 20,320 feet between its highest and lowest points?
A: Alaska.

What Boston green space, founded in 1634, is the oldest park in the U.S.?
A: The Boston Common.

What New Orleans soup has a name derived from the Bantu word for okra?
A: Gumbo.

What country is bordered by Austria, France, Slovenia and Switzerland?
A: Italy.

What city was the site of the last Moorish Kingdom in Spain?
A: Granada.

Ehat interstate highway connects Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, to San Francisco?
A: I-80.

What Pacific atoll got its name from its location between the Americas and Asia?
A: The Midway Islands.

What Tuscan city do Italians know as Firenze?
A: Florence.