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Interesting World Places Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Free interesting world places trivia questions with answers.


Interesting Places Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Which northwestern state borders only two other states?
A: Washington.

What European city decided new names were in order for Foul Lane, Stinking Lane and Bladder Street?
A: London.

What African republic's name was inspired by its thriving elephant tusk trade?
A: Ivory Coast's.

What country is second to South Africa in gold production?
A: The U.S.

What southern U.S. state has no telephones in 12 percent of its households.?
A: Mississippi.

What river provided water to nurture the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?
A: The Euphrates.


What European country boasts the cities of Kalamata, Katerinin and Kilkis?
A: Greece.

What meat will you eat after you point to reinsdyrkaker on an Oslo menu?
A: Reindeer.

Where in Massachusetts is the only island, county and town in the U.S. that share the same name?
A: Nantucket.

What favorite hangout of divers extends for 1,250 miles off Australia's northeast coast?
A: The Great Barrier Reef.

What river system drains water from 31 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces?
A: The Mississippi River.

What Asian people traditionally believe there to be a toad on the moon, instead of a man?
A: The Chinese.


What 200-block section of Miami is considered the best place to dance the merengue or dine on roast goat?
A: Little Haiti.

What English-speaking Caribbean island has a Spanish name meaning "Bearded"?
A: Barbados.

What Peruvian city was the capital of the Spanish empire in the New World until the 19th century?
A: Lima.

What country supplies three-quarters of the world's maple syrup?
A: Canada.

What Asian surname is shared by 104 million people?
A: Chang.

What nation in the Western Hemisphere is the world's largest exporter of forest products?
A: Canada.


What Arab city has a name derived from a word meaning "sanctuary"?
A: Mecca.

What San Francisco fixture is a favorite jumping-off point for an average of 14 people a year?
A: The Golden Gate Bridge.

What's the acronym for the South Western Townships near Johannesburg?
A: Soweto.

What state can you get tourist information on by dialing 1-800-BUCKEYE?
A: Ohio.

What country's holidays include Discovery Day, Natal Day and Fete Nationale?
A: Canada's.

What European city is served by Keflavik Airport?
A: Reykjavik.


What bridge did New York City's first subway system travel from 145th street to?
A: The Brooklyn Bridge.

What's the southernmost state capital among the 48 contiguous states?
A: Austin.

What Ohio city's thriving hog industry earned it the nickname "Porkopolis" in the 1830s?
A: Cincinnati's.

What Paris landmark did con man Victor Lustig sell to a metal dealer for $50,000?
A: The Eiffel Tower.

What country provides Cuba with most of its new cars and computers in exchange for sugar?
A: Japan.

What country boasts Great Glen, Glen Eagles and Glenfiddich?
A: Scotland.

What two Hungarian towns on either side of the Danube merged in 1872?
A: Buda and Pest.




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