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Miscellaneous World History Trivia

What Woodward and Bernstein book topped the bestseller list five weeks before Nixon Quit in 1974?
A: All the President's Men.

What dictator is affectionately dubbed El Maximo by fans?
A: Fidel Castro.

What U.S. president installed solar panels on the White House roof?
A: Jimmy Carter.

Who pledged in 1964: "We're not going to send American boys to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves"?
A: Lyndon B. Johnson.

What word has appeared on every coin struck in the U.S. since 1792?
A: Liberty.

What condiment did the Agriculture Department allow to count as "one of the two vegetables required" in school lunch programs in 1981?
A: Ketchup.


Where was JFK when he said the U.S. "never had to put up a wall to keep our people in"?
A: West Berlin.

What was Titanic survivor Molly Brown nicknamed?
A: Unsinkable.

Who was accused of being drunk when sworn in as Abraham Lincoln's vice president?
A: Andrew Johnson.

What two-word phrase to describe an ambitious social program was coined by LBJ on April 23, 1964?
A: Great Society.

Who was U.S. president when the first edition of the Farmer's Almanac was published?
A: George Washington.

What assassin put his wedding ring in a demitasse cup before leaving home for the last time?
A: Lee Harvey Oswald.


Who once agreed to head up Chrysler for an annual salary of one dollar?
A: Lee Iacocca.

What city did Napoleon occupy in 1798, sending Pope Pius VI to the south of France?
A: Rome.

Who was the longest-serving president in the Americas, through 1995?
A: Fidel Castro.

What R-word described a person refused an exit visa by the Soviet Union?
A: Refusenik.

What network did U.S. troops in the Gulf War dub "Scud-a-vision"?

Who got out of jail in time to become head of Czechoslovakia in 1989?
A: Vaclav Havel.


Who thanked Henry VIII for allowing her to be decapitated by a sword instead of an ax?
A: Anne Boleyn.

What European city lost 4,000 people to a "killer fog" of carbon dioxide in 1952?
A: London.

What New England state was originally claimed by both New Hampshire and New York?
A: Vermont.

Who did Iranian militants want returned in exchange for U.S. hostages in 1979?
A: The Shah of Iran.

What two World War I enemies suffered one million casualties in the Battle of Verdun?
A: France and Germany.

What old soldier died in Washington, D.C., on April 5, 1964?
A: Douglas MacArthur.


What Pink Floyd song was banned by the South African government after it became an anthem for black schoolchildren?
A: Another Brick in the Wall.

What were Stanley's first words to David Livingstone?
A: "Dr. Livingstone, I presume"

What Wild West legend was fired as sheriff of Wichita for pocketing fines he'd collected?
A: Wyatt Earp.

What country enacted the War Powers Act to quell a separatist rebellion in 1970?
A: Canada.

Who made his first known visit to Israel in 1995, to visit Yitzhak Rabin's widow?
A: Yasir Arafat.