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Senior World Trivia Quiz Questions

Punto Arenas International airport is in which country?
A: Chile.

In the 90s how many points have been awarded for finishing sixth in a Grand Prix?
A: 1.

Which great entertainer made his film debut in Pennies from Heaven?
A: Louis Armstrong.

What was Michael Jackson's first solo No 1 in the UK?
A: One Day In Your Life.

In baseball, where do the Tigers come from?
A: Detroit.

What number car was asked Where Are You?
A: 54.

Which Michael starred in Wall Street?
A: Douglas.


Kelton Rena Turner was the last American killed in which conflict?
A: Vietnam War.

Bromma international airport is in which country?
A:  Sweden.

Which nation was the first to ratify the United Nations charter in 1945?
A: Nicaragua.

US students used aluminum flan cases to 'invent' what?
A: Frisbees.

How is actress Joyce Frankenberg better known?
A: Jane Seymour.

What type of books did John Crowley write?
A: Science fiction.

Where is the wine-growing Barossa Valley?
A: Australia.


What color was Geri Halliwell's hair when she was a Spice Girl?
A: Red.

Which Ferry helped launch Roxy Music?
A: Bryan.

Which Raymond wrote the detective novel Farewell My Lovely?
A: Chandler.

What was patented in 1903 by Italian merchant Italio Marcione?
A: Ice Cream cone.

To the nearest 30 minutes, how long was the longest speech ever made at the United nations?
A: 4.5 hours.

Which famous dancer played a straight role in On The Beach in 1959?
A: Fred Astaire.

Robert Gallo was responsible for identifying which virus in the 80s?


Agnes De Mille found fame in which branch of the arts?
A: Dance.

Which Princess's husband was killed in 1990 when his powerboat went out of control?
A: Caroline.

Who duetted with Celine Dion on Beauty And The Beast?
A: Peabo Bryson.

The William Tell Overture provided the title music to which TV western?
A: The Lone Ranger.

Who were Danny Hutton, chuck Negron and Cory Wells?
A: Three Dog Night.

What was Buster Keaton's actual first name?
A: Joseph.

Who wrote the novels Humboldt's Gift and Herzog?
A: Saul Bellow.


What did the Fulbright Act allow Americans to do?
A: Study Abroad.

Which musical featured the song Ol' Man River?
A: Showboat.

In October 1966 which US naval base in Vietnam did Lyndon Johnson visit?
A: Cam Ranh Bay.

Bill Clinton trained to do which day job?
A: Lawyer.

Quincy Jones was associated with which brass instrument?
A: Trumpet.

Which golfer Sandy triumphed at the US Masters?
A: Lyle.

Solidarity was the mass movement of the people in which country?
A: Poland.


Which singer was backed by the Zodiacs?
A: Maurice Williams.

Who was Theodore Roosevelt's Vice President between 1905 and 1909?
A: Charles W Fairbanks.

What does H stand for in the video system VHS as launched by JVC in 1976?
A: Home.

What was the occupation of George Gallup of Gallup Poll fame?
A: Journalist.

What design does Charlie Brown have on his sweater?
A: Zig Zag.

Which Eric Clapton song starts, "Would you know my name?"
A: Tears In Heaven.

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